Infrastructure Development

The team at Tectus has the experience you need to ensure your Supply Chain infrastructure is best in class.   Global ocean freight and air freight experience? Check. Warehouse site locations and reengineering – absolutely. High Tech spare parts management and reverse logistics processes? We excel. However, we are different from many other consultants in that we actively work toward knowledge transfer so that your company develops a core competency in infrastructure development and management.

Some of the infrastructure we can help you develop includes:


We can assist in establishing relationships with transportation companies that ensure the safe, cost-effective and reliable movement of products needed to fulfill your customers' requirements.  This includes ocean carriers, air freight forwarders, small package carriers, full truck load companies and LTL carriers.


We can establish programs for you that sort and co-load products from various sourcing locations in order to create customized delivery programs, track goods and minimize transport costs.


We can help your management team achieve distribution excellence through evaluating all facets of your distribution operations, developing daily performance metrics, creating a meaningful set of goals and objectives, and driving a passion for the customer.  We have run site selection processes, reengineered huge facilities, and been in charge of project managing process, system and inventory transfers between warehouse facilities. 

Spare Parts/Maintenance

Many industries have a need for critical products or spare parts to be at a customer's site within a few hours. Our team has established this infrastructure for high tech and military customers and can bring proven templates and a disciplined project management methodology to you.

Reverse Logistics/Returns

Sometimes products must move backwards through the supply chain from customer to supplier or to distribution center – particularly for defective or returned products.   We will establish the programs that facilitate this movement and the possible associated services such as sorting, repair or disposal.

Specialized Programs

There are many hybrid logistics programs that do not clearly fall into any of the above categories, such as the management of product samples, deconsolidation, or promotional/marketing blitzes to name a few. We have the experience and can help set up these programs based on your specific needs.