Complex Enterprise Compliance

Ever tried to get your factories to follow a routing guide, create documentation correctly, or meet social compliance (WRC Code of Conduct) and security (C-TPAT) standards?  How about trying to assess compliance with safety and maintenance regulations across 650 dams?  Any time you have to deal with compliance of a complex enterprise, the dynamics change.

A complex enterprise is a set of entities that are grouped together by common defining characteristics.  Such characteristics might include the entities’ relationship to your organization, an attribute of those entities, or the primary function or location of those entities.  The entities can be physical or virtual locations, various types of organizational structures, or even people.   Other examples of Complex Enterprises include distribution/reseller partners needing to meet product knowledge requirements, buildings in a city wanting to obtain LEED environmental certification, or oil pipelines needing to be compliant with the TSA and OPS requirements. 

Tectus excels at helping organizations transform complex enterprises. 

How?  Through a methodology that includes:

In addition, we have a custom built enterprise transformation application called ACEIS that greatly facilitates these processes.  ACEIS assesses entities, quantifies compliance, tracks remediation, provides reports, and captures validation audits and corrective action plans.

By using the Tectus methodology and ACEIS, you will save time, money and effort.  Further, you will have auditable records and a clear direction on where to prioritize your efforts. 

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