Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chains are tough to get right. If you do, you are instantly a hero. Create an average or poor supply chain… and the bottom line will suffer.

Getting your supple chain to really work involves linking critical functions, information systems, people and external organizations. Tectus has the right tools to get you there.  We will also assist in owned vs. outsourced decisions.  And FYI, we have done this across the world several times.

Tectus Supply Chain Solutions include:

Strategy Creation and Planning

You must have a map to know where you are going.  We will work with you to assess the critical components of your current supply chain, identify the problem areas and develop together the needed strategies.  Adoption of strategies then leads to specifying both operational and system requirements. From the requirements, we will then create a concrete project plan to jump start your supply chain. If needed,  we also have the horsepower to manage the implementation processes.

Partner Selection and Integration

For the development of critical sourcing, transportation or distribution infrastructure, we can lead you in a process of defining of your requirements, creating a formal selection process (RFI, RFP, response grading, bidder evaluation, and contract negotiation processes), and integrating key processes and systems with your new partners.   The Tectus team has led these processes for organizations like Nike, Qwest and the US Air Force and created partnerships valued at hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Vendor Compliance

Getting your suppliers to perform in a way that creates efficiencies for your organization and meshes with your business practices can be challenging.  Tectus has years of vendor management experience, and has developed tools and processes that help you standardize, control, and optimize these important relationships.

Infrastructure Development

The parts have to be in place to make the machine work. We have extensive experience setting up supply chain infrastructure both in the US and in other countries. Our approach involves integrating the critical components of your supply chain rather than have them operate independently.   We have developed integrated infrastructure across many disciplines including Transportation, Consolidation, Distribution, Reverse Logistics and Spare Parts management.  The Tectus approach consistently creates savings, synergies and complete solutions.