Export Compliance

Department of Commerce | Bureau of Industry & SecurityExport Compliance is not easy, particularly if you are exporting “dual use” products or technology (having both military and civilian applications).   The product classification processes can be convoluted, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) regulations are complex, and there is growing concern about increased penalties for violating Foreign Trade Statistics reporting provisions or BIS rules.  Tectus can help.  We will design and help implement a set of interrelated processes so that you are compliant.  With increasing numbers of unannounced inspections and higher penalties for non-compliance, ensuring you are aligned with governmental requirements is critical.

Export Compliance Process

Our plan to get you compliant with BIS regulations includes the following:

Detailed Project Planning

We work with your key stakeholders to educate them on governmental requirements and determine project sizing.  We also create a detailed work plan defining deliverables, budgets and timelines in advance to ensure you receive quality results. 

Process Audit/ Information Gathering 

Tectus will work across various departments to perform a detailed audit of several areas including your governance processes, procedural manuals, workflow, record keeping, customer vetting, product and data classification, HR practices, purchase terms and shipping processes.  From this audit will come a detailed Gap Analysis highlighting the areas where you organization is not compliant with BIS regulations. 

IT Infrastructure

A critical component of being compliant with the BIS is checking every customer record and export shipment against various government and international databases.  Unfortunately, these databases are constantly changing.  This checking often requires the integration of your ERP or CRM systems with specialized trade compliance services.  Tectus can help you find the right system or partner, negotiate the contract, and manage the systems integrations. 

Roadmap and Implementation

We will create an Export Compliance Roadmap that details what specific actions must be taken to move your organization to a state of compliance.  In addition, Tectus can help you implement these initiatives, and where necessary train your teams on the new processes.  Tectus also has the capability of setting up web trainings for offshore staff, as export compliance extends to re-exports from one foreign country to another.

Maintenance Program

Tectus can act as your ongoing export program auditor.   We will review on a continual basis your documentation and processes, and ensure that your organization continues to be compliant.  The experts at Tectus can also help resolve classification or documentation questions your team faces.   As you acquire companies or set up new offices, Tectus can also act as your compliance training arm to ensure effective integration into the core compliance processes.