ACEIS is the Tectus built and owned application for assessing and transforming complex enterprises.  This is accomplished through the integration of premiere web based assessment tools, sophisticated Business Intelligence technology, and Best in Class auditing processes.   ACEIS creates a dynamic, intelligent model of an enterprise that is both quantifiable and trackable.  It is built to assess entities that form an enterprise against a set of standards, measure change toward compliance, and promote accountability.  

ACEIS stands for Analysis of Complex Enterprise Information System. It is also the Latin word for "keen insight" or "vision".

ACEIS Core Functions

Web Assessments

We build web based assessments covering virtually any type of compliance process.   Our system is architected so that sophisticated functionality like skip logic, self registration and the use of numerous question types can be integrated.   Also ACEIS is scalable to assess hundreds or thousands of entities.

On Site Auditing

Often management needs a validation of their web based assessments through on site audits or inspections.  Some organizations choose to perform on site audits without the use of initial web based assessments.  ACEIS can accommodate both approaches with ease.  Auditors are able to score against specific criteria, upload photos, reference standards, and determine what areas need further remediation. 

Business Intelligence

ACEIS has the capability to overlay business intelligence on top of data gathered through assessments or audits.  We can assign variable weighting for specific measurement criteria, score each web assessment and/or on site audit, quantify levels of compliance, and prioritize work flow.

Remediation Plans

ACEIS can automatically generate Remediation Plans for both Web Assessments and On Site Audits.  These plans identify areas needing to be improved, provide guidance on how to make the changes, and track the completion of remediation steps.  Also, ACEIS stores all of the Assessments, Audits, and Remediation Plans as permanent records for your use.

Dashboard and Reporting

We have built in summary level Dashboards enabling views of enterprise level activity, as well as entity specific reporting capabilities.  Also, ACEIS allows for the easy moving of data into formats such as Excel, Word & PDF for ad hoc reporting. 

ACEIS Applications

ACEIS can be used for almost any compliance or enterprise transformation initiative.  Examples of a few complex enterprises and the uses for ACEIS include:

Complex Enterprise

Factories in a Supply Chain


Distribution/Reseller Partners

Multinational Office Locations

Welfare Recipients

Buildings on a Campus

Chemical Plants

Oil Pipelines

Transformation/Compliance Initiatives

Security initiatives such as C-TPAT and TAPA
Social compliance initiatives such as the WRC Code of Conduct and SA8000

Safety and security standards such as DSPMT and DAMSVR

Meet product knowledge, technical support, certification, and critical inventory requirements

Meet corporate guidelines for shipping, export compliance, HR processes, safety and employee training

Transition qualified recipients to state of self sufficiency

Environmental certification such as LEED

Meet the physical infrastructure and process standards to prevent the unwanted release of hazardous materials

Meet the revised TSA and OSA guidelines for maintenance