Homeland Security

Security in the US continues to evolve. The authorization of a cabinet level Department of Homeland Security has led to the consolidation of government organizations managing security in the US as well as the flowing of funds to state, regional and city organizations. Managing the complexities of these processes by a contracting organization can be difficult.

Current DHS grant programs exceed $2.2B, and cover the following areas:

Tectus has the resources and consulting expertise to lead the management of Homeland Security Projects.  We have a strong background performing infrastructure assessments, managing cross-departmental and cross-functional projects and developing consensus based strategies and implementation plans. Tectus can act as both the lead organization or as an implementing or coordinating entity.   Further, we have developed an automated tool called ACEIS that facilitates the on line gathering of security assessment data, performs complex analysis on that data using business intelligence technology, and enables prioritization and tracking of security enhancing processes.