Supply Chain Security

Since 9-11, governments have identified the openness of supply chains as primary threats to national security. This is true across the globe, with huge amounts of potentially dangerous freight moving into countries unchecked. The complexity and number of parties involved in most supply chains creates the need for a thorough, well defined set of intersecting security processes. The interrelatedness of people, technologies, information, products, suppliers and logistics service providers must all be accounted for.

Tectus has the knowledge to dissect your supply chain and processes, and assess your domestic and overseas vulnerabilities. We have the tools to efficiently gather the information and perform complex analysis and Risk Assessments. Our staff have excellent experience in both security and supply chains, and we will work with you to create processes for ensuring that repeatable, secure business practices are in place.

The supply chain security services offered by Tectus are as follows:

C-TPAT Certification and Validation

The Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a critical initiative defined by the US government to secure the Supply Chains of companies importing cargo into the US. C-TPAT Certification, and then Validation, guarantee you preferential treatment with US Customs as well as satisfies the growing commercial pressure to participate. To become C-TPAT certified, your organization will need an in depth understanding of supply chains and security- both areas where Tectus excels. Tectus has successfully led both importers and transportation service providers through the C-TPAT Certification and Validation processes, and can do the same for you.

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FAST, AEO, PIP and Other Initiatives

Tectus can also guide you through other international security certifications such as FAST (Free And Secure Trade - the US/Canada/Mexico initiative for securing and expediting ground shipments across North America borders), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator – the European initiative for security supply chains of product moving in Europe), PIP (Partners in Protection – the Canadian initiative for securing the supply chains related to imports into Canada), as well as other similar programs in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Further, as the ISO 28000 standards for Supply Chain Security emerge, Tectus is well positioned to help organizations become compliant. We can also lead companies through pre-TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) audits.

Tools & Infrastructure

In order to facilitate the supply chain assessment and remediation processes, Tectus has developed the ACEIS system. ACEIS is a state-of-the-art set of automated tools that greatly facilitate the assessment of supply chain entities (such as factories and transportation/logistics service providers), score their assessments, track their remediation toward meeting security standards, and also enable on site audits and audit remediation tracking. The use of ACEIS results in huge time savings for our clients and provides summary enterprise reporting for companies with complex supply chains. In addition, Tectus has a relationship with one of the largest global security auditing companies. This enables on site security audits around the world. These audits are cost effective, and performed by trained auditors that speak and live in the countries where the audits are being performed. These unique advantages, combined with our strong project management methodology and experience, enable Tectus to efficiently and successfully take our clients through Supply Chain Security certification processes.

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