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Information Security

Information security is not just about firewalls and anti virus software. It is broad discipline that deals with the protection of your critical information assets, how your staff works and how the security of your information systems affects productivity. Like many companies, we can assess where the vulnerabilities are in your network. However, we differentiate by providing a holistic view of information security that enables companies to put in place combined human and technological solutions to ensure the security of their information assets. Specifically, Tectus can provide the following services:

Information Security Policy

The first step to ensuring the security of your precious information assets are creating Policies that balance your business practices against security measures. Tectus will delve deep into your critical business processes to understand how you operate before creating or evaluating Information Security Policies. Tectus will also measure all existing policies against industry best practices as well as help you implement these Policies throughout your organization.

Information Security Assessment

Tectus has the expertise and tools to perform penetration testing on your network. In addition to checking for various vulnerabilities that malicious hackers may exploit, Tectus also performs an assessment of human and social controls that may lead to information vulnerabilities. We will provide you with a comprehensive report of your vulnerabilities and define recommendations on how to fix these problems.

Project Management

Tectus staff have the experience to manage information security projects for your organization. This could include a number of areas such vendor selection, infrastructure build out/migration or the development of access controls. Whether these projects are a result of internal mandates or recommendations from a Tectus Assessment, we have the resources to assist or lead the initiative.