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The Tectus Philosophy

The name and logo of the company are reflective of our overall philosophy of doing business:

Name: TECTUS is a Latin word meaning "to protect" or "to shield". This corresponds directly to our mission of helping organizations to secure their precious assets and achieve compliance with critical programs.   We also are believers in the effective use of technology to create process efficiencies, hence the emphasis on the tec in our logo.

Dragon logo: As a symbol, the dragon has a long and rich historical tradition that has emerged from many countries around the world. In various ancient and contemporary cultures the dragon represents an entity that protects precious valuables. It is known for its exceptionally keen eyesight - hence its function guarding temples and treasures. In many cultures, the red dragon is a symbol of imperial power and is frequently characterized by ferocity, strength and speed. In addition, the dragon is often an allegory for wisdom and prophecy.  These are many of the traits that Tectus, as a company helping organizations, seeks to emulate.