Client Story Overview: Airborne Express

As the US government came out with new supply chain security regulations after 9-11, it became increasingly apparent that global logistics service providers were being carefully scrutinized by both the government and the business community. Lack of C-TPAT compliance would mean that any company using such a provider would run the risk of having their inbound cargo go to the end of the line for Customs clearance.

Airborne  Express turned to Tectus to manage the entire C-TPAT process.  After detailed planning sessions and thorough discussions of Airborne's processes, Tectus began an extensive security assessment of global Airborne operations. This assessment included:

After the assessment, Tectus staff authored all Customs' required documentation including the Agreement to Voluntarily Participate, the Supply Chain Security Profile Questionnaire and the Security Roadmap. Tectus also created an Airborne C-TPAT Background Document and a C-TPAT Security Manual.  Finally, Tectus recommended to Airborne senior management strategies for dealing with the Customs validation process, including a checklist of actions to be taken upon notification that the validation process would begin.

This comprehensive process had a strong focus on tight project management, on-time achieving of deliverables and quality results. Airborne Express was a satisfied Tectus customer.

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